For Such A Time As This


In a nutshell, Eden’s Leaves exists to empower people.


To give you information about what herbs can do.

To offer you and your loved one's opportunities to experience herbal benefits.

Eden's Leaves carries on the legacy of traditional medicine practitioners by making herbalism accessible in modern ways.

That's why we're here.

The seed for Eden's Leaves was planted when Kim, the company's founder, created an herbal bath with calendula, plantain, chickweed and oatmeal for her son David's eczema.

A  Dream Whose Time Has Come

Over the last seven years, the founders of Eden's Leaves created gifts for family and friends to help them stay healthy naturally.


From winter wellness kits to allergy and calming teas, people experienced amazing benefits.

Their feedback led to better formulas and their "nudges" encouraged us to create this for you.

We Only Make Moves When Our Heart Is In It

 After years of growing nonprofits, building brands, and helping others find and pursue their dreams, I’m stepping out there and living mine. 

Over the years I've taken courses with Sage Mountain, the school led by the legendary Rosemary Gladstar, the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, and Herbalista. I'm currently studying with the Heart of Herbs School to become a Certified Master Herbalist.

I could give you a longer bio or a flowery description, but that's not really me. 


This sums it up well: 

I’m a Christian, Caribbean, round the way girl from Brooklyn who is an ivy league, tree-hugging herbalist. 


I love things that grow and heal, art and artists, and creating the world I want for my great-grandchildren.

Kim Davis Charlot

Beyond Limits

What Will Never Change


high-quality Herbs

Exclusively purchase herbs from the best suppliers with certified organic and GMO-free herbs from sustainable sources.

effective products

Provide high-quality products that are herbalist-formulated and effective.

Honest Information

Share credible information about herbalism so you can make the best choices for yourself the people you love.

Community Investment

Invest in community organizations dedicated to the mind, body, and spirit of people in low-income communities.

learning and sharing

Continue to learn from the wisdom of herbal traditions across different cultures and share what works with you.


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