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2021 Catalogue

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Calm and Sleep

  • Chill Tea

    Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Lemon Balm Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Kava Kava Root, Orange Petals, Stevia Leaves

    This blend was made for those days and stages when our emotions need balance. It calms the mind and relaxes muscles so you can pause and regain perspective.

  • Continuing Tea

    Hawthorn Berries, Leaves and Blossoms, Elder Leaves and Blossoms, Cardamom Pods, Rosemary Leaves, Ginger Root, Lemon Peel, Stevia Leaves

    This divinely inspired blend is dedicated to a friend who lost her husband too soon. It helps ease the pain of grief and depression by tonifying the heart, calming emotions, increasing energy and appetite while helping keep food down. It gives the body and mind what it needs for you to begin again.

  • Sleepeasy Tea

    Kava Kava Root, Skullcap Leaves, Lemon Balm Leaves, Lavender Flowers, Passionflower Leaves, Spearmint Leaves, Hops Cones, Orange Peel

    For a blissful night, this tea will help you fall and stay asleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.



  • I'm Chilling Too! Tea

    Lavender Leaves, Lemon Balm Leaves, Linden Leaves, Spearmint Leaves, Hibiscus Flowers

    This blend of child-friendly herbs supports children who are growing up in an overly complicated world. Its calming effect decreases mood swings and anxiety while having a pleasantly mild flavor.

  • I'm Sleeping Easy Too!

    Chamomile Flowers, Catnip Leaves, Lavender Flowers, Linden Flowers, Lemon Balm, Leaves

    This blend paves the way for little ones to have several hours of peaceful sleep. It can be taken as a tea or added to a warm bath. When combined, you'll get more of the "me" time you need.



  • Immune Strong Tea

    Tulsi Leaves, Elder Blossoms, Echinacea Leaves, Astragalus Root, Spearmint Leaves

    Our tea promotes a healthy immune system in adults and children. It is gently detoxifying and can be taken daily to help ward off infections. Prepare by infusion.

  • Immune 911 Tea

    Pau d'arco Bark, Astragalus Root, Cinnamon Bark, Burdock Root, Orange Peel

    Now more than ever, we need to do everything we can to strengthen our immune system. This powerhouse fights for you at first sight of cold, flu, or viral infection. It is antibacterial and antifungal, in addition to being a blood cleanser and digestive aid to bring your body back into balance naturally.

  • Super Immunity Honey

    Natural Honey Blend (Raw Natural Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Purple Blossom, Summer Berry), Garlic Bulbs, Orange Peel, Turmeric Root

    Raw natural honey and garlic are among the best natural antivirals you can take. They contain a large number of vitamins and minerals and have antibiotic, antioxidant, and immune-modulating effects. We've added turmeric and lemon peel to create a magnificent probiotic blend that is excellent for sinus, mouth, and throat infections. Half of a spoonful every day will help combat infections and strengthen your health overall.


Cold & Flu

  • Blossoms Tea

    Hibiscus Flowers, Rosehips, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Calendula Flowers and Petals, Cinnamon Root, Rose Petals, Orange Peel

    Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants, this melody of medicinal flowers offers immunity, calming, and digestive benefits. Whether served as a hot or iced tea, with a touch of apple juice, it’s a blend children love.

  • Decongest Syrup

    Natural Honey Blend (Raw Natural Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Purple Blossom, Summer Berry), Licorice Root, Elecampane Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Ginger Root, Cinnamon Bark, Distilled Wate

    This delicious syrup clears up bronchial congestion and relieves coughs, making it a powerful ally against upper respiratory conditions.

  • Elderberry Syrup + Immune Boost

    Natural Honey Blend (Raw Natural Wildflower, Orange Blossom, Purple Blossom, Summer Berry), Elderberries, Wild Cherry Bark, Astragalus Root, Cinnamon Root, Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Distilled Water

    Eden's Leaves Elderberry Syrup has a unique blend of immune-strengthening herbs to provide extra support for colds, flu, viral, and upper respiratory infections. This delicious, mildly sweet blend can be taken by the spoonful or added to one of our teas to magnify their immunity benefits.

  • Fever Reliever Tea

    Catnip Leaves, Elder Blossoms, Echinacea Flowers, Yarrow Flowers, Peppermint Leaves

    This herbal blend encourages detoxification through sweating while reducing pain. Amazingly, it helps to stay hydrated as well.

  • Coughbuster Tea

    Elecampane Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Cinnamon Root, Ginger Root, Orange Peel

    Calm wracking coughs with our soothing tea blend that offers a

    a gentle touch of care to your respiratory system while decreasing pain and reducing bronchial inflammation.


Bath & Body

  • Transcendence Bath  

    Calendula Flowers, Lavender, Rose Petals, Oat Tops, Ground Oatmeal, Chickweed Leaves, Plantain Leaves, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Essential Oil

    Create an oasis of healing with our decadent blend of herbs that provide a wave of relief for dry and itch skin. It's ideal for irritated skin caused by eczema, acne, and insect bites.

  • Comfort Salve -

    Skin Healing and Softening

    Calendula Leaves, Plantain Leaves, Beeswax, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oil

    Our lavender-scented balm is excellent for cuts, scrapes, burns, and dry skin. Some of our customers have given it great reviews for diaper rash and chapped hands after gardening. It is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral, so it helps prevent infections while repairing the skin.

  • Transcendence Facial Steam and Essential Oil

    Facial Steam

    Eucalyptus Leaves, Plantain Leaves, Yarrow Yarrow Leaves and Flowers, Calendula Flowers, Yerba Santa Leaves, Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Our decongesting facial steam is a warm, relaxing bath for congested sinuses caused by colds, flu, and allergies. It's a gentle way to dispel mucus, decrease inflammation, and enhance immune system functioning.

    Essential Oil Blend

    Tea Tree Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Oregano Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil

    We've paired our facial steam with a blend of essential oils to create a powerful combination to give you faster relief.

  • Sleepeasy Bath

    Rose Petals, Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Flowers, Catnip Leaves, Lavender Essential Oil

    This mind and muscle-relaxing blend of tender herbs pave the way for a peaceful sleep. It soothes muscles and softens skin while decreasing itchiness and protecting from infection. It is lovely for adults at the end of an exhausting day and perfect for children, offering more "me" time you need.


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