Petite Infuser with Tray and Demitasse Spoon

This loose-leaf tea infuser has an ultra-fine mesh that prevents almost all particles from getting into the water. This tightly sealed basket holds up to two teaspoons of tea, giving leaves and flowers sufficient room to swell, circulate, and fully extract medicinal benefits. It has an extended chain hook and tray to add a touch of convenience and elegance. 

Large Infuser Basket with Lid/Tray and Demitasse Spoon

This infusers' roomy basket can hold up to 6 teaspoons of tea for you and your guests. It is made of a fine mesh, so it catches finely cut tea leaves while leaving enough space for them to expand, giving you the best flavor and potency. It has a food-grade silicone lid is cool to touch and keeps in essential oils for added health benefits. It is easy to remove and can serve as a saucer after your infusion.

Tea Infuser & Demitasse Spoon


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